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 Post subject: The build competition results always seem messed up
PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:58 am 

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 Post subject: Re: The build competition results always seem messed up
PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:30 pm 

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To suggest there's a bias is a bit ludicrous, that would imply we actually use the exact same judges in every event and actually inform them of whose build is whose during the judging process. Each entry in a build competition is rated by three separate judges in thee separate categories (as determined by the particular competition theme). Judges are selected at random from among the Admin staff, and over the past 13 build competitions we have employed a total of 15 different judges. I myself do not have any say in the matter of build ratings, my part is merely the granting of rewards and providing judges with the coordinates of build entries (and occasionally pointing out things they missed).

As for when you lost the St. Pat's build competition (which was over a year ago, so it seems a bit odd to bring it up now), I'll note that the categories were "Uniqueness", "Theme", and "Design". Looking at your overall score, 78.5 points out of a possible 90, it's hard to make the claim of bias as that's one of the higher scores recorded for that competition and indeed one of the higher scores recorded in all build competition history. You lost to the mentioned Nyan Cat entry by only 2 points. Know how big of a difference that is? That's the difference of one judge liking that build slightly more in one or two categories, that's all. Of course, the Nyan Cat has become something of an infamous win, with several people (including admin Irnot) claiming it was a travesty that such a build ranked so high. But Irnot was not one of the judges for that competition (or even an admin at the time), and the judges that were part of that competition clearly thought it had some value.

The Nordic, Celts and Vikings competition was a different matter entirely, while Herb's recreation of "Riften" was quite superb and probably should have ranked higher, it faced two major problems with the judges. One is that it wasn't really all that Nordic, and indeed Riften is arguably the least-Nordic city in Skyrim, and many of the judges coming from rating other builds with stronger Nordic, Celtic and Viking ties didn't think it matched up as well in the theme category. The second problem it faced was that it wasn't an original design of Riften, in fact it was a carbon-copy of a popular Minecraft parkour map with over a dozen videos on YouTube. As part of the challenge in the build competitions is to come up with a design that matches the theme, some judges thought this showed a lack of effort, and hence it didn't get quite as high a score as it should. There were a large number of entries in that competition, so fifth place isn't terribly bad, and many of the entries that ranked higher had direct connections to the theme, and need I point out that it wasn't the only town submitted for that competition? In fact we had more town builds submitted for the Nordic build competition than we've ever had submitted for anything else. I did feel bad about Herb's situation though, since they missed the Elder Scrolls competition, which is why I gave Herb and Elvish a honorary win when the Elder Scrolls build competition concluded and allowed them to choose a Steam game as a reward.

Furthermore, if there was by some inane reason a conspiracy to ensure certain people won, would there not be more of the same people winning? The longest running winner in the build competitions was Superfantastic, who won the first four competitions in a row, and that's hardly a surprise if you look at the entries (he was clearly at the top of his game). Since then, however, we've had six different people win a build competition and never win another, and only one (Keivia) has ever managed to win two competitions (and that was well-before he joined staff). It seems to me that if there is a bias, then wouldn't it follow that there would be a bias to one particular winner instead of random entrants? Clearly there's a flaw in the logic here.

In any event, I fail to see how the rating system, as currently implemented, could be any less impartial and unbiased. If you have a better system in mind, I suggest you post it for us all to see! Otherwise you're just coming off as being a sore-sport about losing a competition over a year ago. And yes, you're acting childish as well, mature individuals do NOT go around making half-a-dozen accounts with their banned (for rude-behavior and griefing) friend in order to support a particular argument. Naturally I've deleted all of the offending accounts, and banned Frofster from posting. Keep in mind that every account has an IP address associated with it, so yes I do know it was you, identical IP addresses don't lie. If you persist in this imbecilic behavior of account creation, I may be forced to ban you from the forums as well.

I feel I should remind everyone that regardless of who wins the build competitions, it's still my money paying for everything, including this website, the server, and especially the build competition rewards. And no, we're not talking about a few bucks here, we're talking about thousands of dollars spent to maintain this server and it's build competitions, in fact I've spent enough to buy a car! Heck, this server has costed me more than my car did! Showing a little respect for the services we provide, and notably do not charge for, isn't a whole lot to ask. It would do you well to keep that in mind.

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