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 Post subject: Hlaalu Council Meeting - November 17th, 2013
PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:46 am 

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[This is the transcript for the Council meeting of November 17th, 2013.]

Councilor Role Call:
Councilor Herbzah - Present
Councilor Exovian - Present
Councilor InkyandClyde - Present
Councilor Super - Absent, Nessie standing in
Councilor Capt - Absent

Darkelfguy: Esteemed and benevolent Councilors of Great House Hlaalu!
Darkelfguy: is Morning Star of 3E 426, and your people look to you to lead them! Your decisions today
Darkelfguy: will set the policies for all of House Hlaalu for the next three months! You must decide the
Darkelfguy: future and fate of our fair House, will you seek to line your own pockets,
Darkelfguy: to profit our entire mighty House, or will you seek to secure our future in strength of military
Darkelfguy: arms and diplomacy? It is all up to you!
Darkelfguy: Our first issue of the day is the selection of a new Grandmaster of House Hlaalu.
Darkelfguy: Only a sitting member of the Hlaalu Council can be elected as Grandmaster,
Darkelfguy: and whoever is elected Grandmaster will serve as the leader of House Hlaalu,
Darkelfguy: and indeed much of Resdayn, for the next three months. The Grandmaster gets several benefits
Darkelfguy: including the Grandmaster’s Palace here in Hlaalu District, two votes on the Hlaalu Council,
nessie6780: what do you mean by sitting member?
Darkelfguy: and also an honorary seat on the Narsis City Council representing the Hlaalu District.
Exovian: Define "sitting member". Us + Capt?
Darkelfguy: If whoever is elected Grandmaster is already on the Narsis City Council, their vote will now count as two.
Darkelfguy: Yes, Super, Capt, Exo, Inky, and Herb are sitting members
Darkelfguy: Ness, you're standing in for Super, so you can vote/nominate/propose anything you think he would
Darkelfguy: You may begin deliberations and arguments on who should be Grandmaster.
Darkelfguy: After nominations are selected, and any speeches given, we’ll have a vote.
Exovian: Is there anyone who does not nominate themselves?
Exovian: (I nominate myself)
Loki: Who are the sitting members of the council?
Darkelfguy: Super, Inky, Exo, Herb, and Capt
herbzah: we all know that we need a strong leader
Loki: I vote for Herb.
herbzah: this house has been weak for far too long
Exovian: How do you propose to make the House strong?
herbzah: for it to survive we must meet our enemies in battle and send them to the gods
Exovian: Can you elaborate?
Darkelfguy: So you're proposing a more militaristic rule of House Hlaalu, a House traditionally composed of merchants?
nessie6780: I vote super, sorry guys I know super the best on the list
Exovian: Vote after the debate.
herbzah: indeed it is time that someone take charge of this house and lead it into the next era
Loki: If we line our pockets full of gold, we line or selves to the chopping block.
Darkelfguy: Do you not wish to bask in the golden glow of a well-earned septim, fellow of House Hlaalu?
herbzah: we must focus on raising an army and not lining our own coffers
Exovian: If I may make my case, Dark?
Darkelfguy: Proceed
Exovian: Thank you.
Exovian: I propose, for the time being, a short term alliance with Redoran. This will allow us
Exovian: some military advantage without overextending ourselves. In addition
Exovian: Some Redoran nobles may look to us as a source of income, rather than antagonists, splitting opinion back in their capital.
Loki: It takes time to form an alliance, time that we do not have.
2013-11-17 18:49:42 Loki: It takes time to form an alliance, time that we do not have.
Exovian: Beyond this, we should build up trade routes, and wean ourselves to independence. Retaining their
herbzah: House fedoran is weak as it is we should strike them down sooner rather than later
Exovian: mercenaries can be decided on in due time, when the issue presents itself.
Exovian: This is the course I propose to follow as Grandmaster.
Darkelfguy: Hold on, Councilor Herb, you propose war with the Redoran? They have the most powerful military of all the Houses!
Loki: You're becoming war ridden, Herb...
Exovian: Let us buy them off and play them against each other.
herbzah: I come from a warriors tribe strength and honor are in my blood
Exovian: Better make them puppets than enemies.
herbzah: you would sit idly while hundreds die or suffer on your account?
Darkelfguy: Fighting the Redoran, a House of Soldiers, and we a House of Merchant, would be like leading Guars to a pack of wolves!
Exovian: Dark is right. Let us make these wolves see us holding the food, not being held out.
Exovian: Ink, you have been silent. Thoughts?
herbzah: I would personally lead our forces into battle and bring them true honor
Exovian: You speak like our enemies. Honor lies not in an early grave.
herbzah: I feel there is no honor in deceit and manipulation
Loki: I think we should make the Redoran house our puppet, we then can use their men to cover as
herbzah: if you desire greatness then take it
Darkelfguy: But we are merchants! Deceit and manipulation is how we got into power in the first place!
Exovian: My points exactly.
Loki: Our casualties.
herbzah: I'm no merchant, I killed my way to the top and built my city on the bones of my enemies
Darkelfguy: A most unusual means of obtaining power in the House of Hlaalu
Darkelfguy: But I digress, shall we move to a vote?
Darkelfguy: We must chose a Grandmaster to lead the House!
Exovian: I nominate, and vote for, myself. Let reason rule today.
Loki: Ness? Who do you vote for?
nessie6780: super .... ?
Loki: You surely cannot vote for someone who hasn't even showed up to the meeting.
Darkelfguy: She can
Exovian: She can, however, the reasoning is suspect.
Loki: Pardon me, she should not!
Exovian: Are you standing for nomination yourself, Loki?
nessie6780: I kinda got pulled into this...
Loki: I vote for councilor Exovian.
Darkelfguy: Indeed, sorry Ness, hit Super next time you see him
Exovian: My vote has been made clear. Your support is appreciated, Loki.
nessie6780: I will dark
Darkelfguy: Also hit Megolf, he should come on more!
nessie6780: lol he should
Darkelfguy: I presume Councilor Herb votes for himself?
herbzah: Indeed
Exovian: Are you voting or simply observing, Dark?
Loki: For whom?
Darkelfguy: Admins don't vote, I'm merely a speaker
Exovian: Given that Herb's vote has been cast, motion to excuse him for however long he needs?
Darkelfguy: Aye
Exovian: I hate to sound callous, but may we return to business? We've been an hour so far.
Darkelfguy: Right, right. That's two votes for Exovian, one vote for Herb and one for Super
Darkelfguy: Congrats Exo, you have been elected the new Grandmaster of House Hlaalu!
Darkelfguy: Next up on the agenda for the Council is what policy shall we pursue for House Hlaalu for the next month?
Darkelfguy: Should we focus on trade? Lining our pockets, and the pockets of House Hlaalu with gold?
Darkelfguy: Or should we concern ourselves with diplomacy, making friends out of enemies
Darkelfguy: and reaping the benefits of a long term strategy? Or should we focus on military might?
Darkelfguy: House Hlaalu has never been a militaristic house, but there is strength in arms that mercantile
Darkelfguy: skill simply doesn’t provide, and security is always good for trade in the long run.
Darkelfguy: Your voting guides detail the options in full
herbzah: I feel I have made my position on this council clear I vote military
Darkelfguy: We may set a course for Military, Trade, or one of the four Diplomacy options for the next month
Exovian: I vote diplomacy, particularly with Redoran. This gives us a military boost, and
Exovian: helps get an enemy off our back.
Loki: diplomacy
Darkelfguy: Yes, but it will cost everyone $1000 a week for three weeks to pursue diplomacy with Redoran
Darkelfguy: Everyone on the Council, that is
Exovian: You bring up a valid point.
Darkelfguy: I feel I should point out the Hlaalu Treasury and your weekly salary as a Councilor
herbzah: if gold is what you desire, take it from the bodies of our fallen enemies
Darkelfguy: The treasury currently stands at $25000 a week, divided between five Council members
Darkelfguy: Or rather, three since two are missing, you would each get $8333
Darkelfguy: per week for the first week, and $5000 for the next three weeks of the month
Darkelfguy: once our missing Councilors show up
Darkelfguy: Anyway, just thought I'd mention that. You may now continue debating the points
Exovian: If we do persue diplomacy, the bonus from today will more than cover the cost for us.
Darkelfguy: So, we have one Council member for Military and two for diplomacy?
Loki: indeed
Darkelfguy: You concur with the Redoran diplomatic angle, Ink? Make sure to consult your voting guide and diplomacy guide for other options
Exovian: Dark, you never actually said how much that would raise our relation with Redoran.
Darkelfguy: It would be 1%, putting our relations with House Redoran to 26%
Darkelfguy: We would start receiving benefits of a diplomatic relationship at 50%
Darkelfguy: As this is the first attempt at diplomatic ties, the effect is smaller
Exovian: That would mean that diplomacy with Redoran would give us more relationship bonus with
Darkelfguy: But after the first attempt, we'd reap greater percentages
Exovian: Indoril and Telvanni than with Redoran!
Darkelfguy: That's once we become allies with Redoran
Darkelfguy: Not before
Exovian: I see. I understand now, thank you.
Darkelfguy: Allies are 100%, and as I said, it's a slow climb to gain trust, and therefore more diplomatic
Darkelfguy: points with a particular House
Exovian: What does a bonus to "magical skills and knowledge" do?
Darkelfguy: Namely it gives a certain advantage to military points, and also helps during crisis years
Darkelfguy: Like when dealing with the Oblivion Crisis
Exovian: Ok.
Exovian: Actually, it seems Telvanni give a much better advantage for us.
Darkelfguy: Not for House Indoril, but who cares what those priests think?
Exovian: Well, they have pretty cities...
Exovian: OH! If we really wanted to annoy them, we could sell facsimile Indoril buildings and make money.
Exovian: Nonetheless, I change my vote to diplomacy with the Telvanni.
Darkelfguy: Alright, Herb? Ink? Any counterpoints?
herbzah: if this great house is to survive and flourish we need to address our weakness
herbzah: as a house of trade and become a great house of war
Loki: I agree with councilor Exovian by all accounts.
Darkelfguy: Taking this to a vote, those who agree with Diplomacy with the Telvanni, say "aye"
Exovian: Aye.
Darkelfguy: Those who agree with Military, say "Kill!" or just say "I vote for Military"
Darkelfguy: Whichever one works for you
herbzah: ug
herbzah: “kill”
Darkelfguy: Alright, Diplomacy with Telvanni passes, but we'll be taking a 3% profit loss
Exovian: Speaking of that, when do we get paid?
Darkelfguy: At the end of the meeting
Exovian: Cool.
Darkelfguy: Normally, the last portion of the Council meeting would be reserved for trade routes
Darkelfguy: proposals and possible embargoes, but since no other Hlaalu cities have actually
Darkelfguy: been completed yet, we’ll open the floor to a variety of proposals from any individual Councilor.
Darkelfguy: Trade routes can still be established with other non-Hlaalu cities, and these will increase House
Darkelfguy: Hlaalu revenue overall,
Darkelfguy: Other potential proposals you can make include commodities trading and item price alterations
Exovian: I will be circulating my proposal in book form.
Darkelfguy: like the Narsis City Council. House Hlaalu trumps any local city Council, so a commodity
Darkelfguy: proposal that passes the Hlaalu Council is given preference over that of the Narsis Council
Darkelfguy: You may begin deliberations and proposal suggestions.
Darkelfguy: Once everyone has made the proposals they want, we’ll proceed with a floor vote.
Darkelfguy: Ah yes, for Herb's sake, since he can't read the book, I'll mention a quick summery
Exovian: Please read completely.
Exovian: I can port to Herb and give him a copy.
Darkelfguy: Grandmaster Exo's proposal is to create a group to make economic recommendations for Resdayn
Darkelfguy: He's on a phone Exo, he can't see anything but chat text
Exovian: I see.
herbzah: I move that we abstain from a vote on grandmaster exos proposal until the council is gathered in full
Loki: I do want Exo to be councilor but this is only fair if we do what Herb proposes...
Exovian: I would like to point out that gathering the Council fully has thus far been impossible.
Darkelfguy: We could provide the written proposal to all Councilors, and they could mail in their vote I suppose
Exovian: That sounds fair.
Exovian: I would like all to be given a full copy, if we do that.
Darkelfguy: Are there any other proposals? Trade routes to other cities, and the like?
Darkelfguy: But of course
Exovian: Tel Rana is still unfinished, so I think unsuitable for a trade route...
Exovian: For those of us hidden away on islands, what other active towns are there?
Darkelfguy: Kragenmoor, Waterwatch, Bodrum, New Bodrum, Creeperton, Mori Edhel Edan
Darkelfguy: Frosthold, Idamere, Oakhill, Ore, and Judero
Loki: Kragenmor has great markets...
Darkelfguy: The cost of establishing a trade route depends on distance
Exovian: Does the payout also increase?
Darkelfguy: At least, distance from the closest viable route to Narsis
Darkelfguy: Indeed, connecting to any large city, such as Bodrum, Kragenmoor, New Bodrum or Mori Edhel Edan
Darkelfguy: would increase the base weekly trade profits by about 5%
Darkelfguy: A smaller city, like the others listed, would increase by 3% instead
Exovian: Could we build a route to connect to both Kragenmoor and Mori Edhel Edan, given that they share an island?
Loki: We don't need party chat anymore
Darkelfguy: Aye, it would cost extra, but connecting to one would only be the distance between the two
Loki: Everyone left besides you and the council members.
Exovian: What would the bonus and the cost be?
Darkelfguy: For Mori Edhel Edan and Kragenmoor?
Exovian: Between the two of them and Narsis?
Darkelfguy: Given that both towns are 12,000 blocks away, and our closest route, a train station connected
Darkelfguy: to Narsis near Waterwatch, it would still be 6000 blocks
Darkelfguy: The most viable means of a trade route for that distance is a railway
Exovian: Would we double the bonus by connecting to both?
Darkelfguy: So the total cost would be roughly $24000, divided out over the next four weeks
Darkelfguy: And the bonus would be 10%
Darkelfguy: For both
Loki: Must we pay all expenses immedietely?
herbzah: I'm back
Darkelfguy: No, the expense could be $6000 a week divided between the three of you for this week
Darkelfguy: And divided by five the next three weeks
Exovian: Would building it in the Nether be possible to make it shorter?
Darkelfguy: Mayhaps, the option will have to be looked into
Exovian: When could we expect an answer if we look into this?
herbzah: Yeah if done correctly a nether hub can more than halve distances
Darkelfguy: Either way, the cost total would probably be similar
Exovian: Given the distance being 1/8th, why is that?
Darkelfguy: Due to the extra cost caused by working in a hostile environment
Exovian: Mind you, there is a safe layer in the nether. Above y=119 or so is solid.
Exovian: Just a straight enclosed tunnel if the track is dug there.
Darkelfguy: True, but the rail will likely be built by hired players, who will be the ones receiving pay
Darkelfguy: From the expenses
Exovian: I am willing to build the railway for a mere 10000 if we choose to do this.
Exovian: From Waterwatch to Kragenmoor and Mori Edhel Edan.
Exovian: Thus connecting to Narsis.
Darkelfguy: The goal of the Council is not just to set the course for House Hlaalu, but to provide work to other players
Loki: If I were to throw my extra railway in the ring, would that cut the prices in any way?
Loki: Then we can hire players to make the railway
Exovian: That's ~600 block railway, if build in the Nether.
herbzah: I say we hire mercs to hunt and capture Argonians to use as slave labor
Exovian: That doesn't work.
Darkelfguy: I would consider cutting expenses down to $18000, but no less
Exovian: Why not simply start a bidding competition between interested parties?
Loki: That would not end well, Grandmaster.
Exovian: May I ask why not?
Loki: Are is it councilor still?
Loki: Or*
Darkelfguy: Indeed, it's better this way
Loki: Becuase the prices will mst likely exceed 18000 and put us into debt.
Darkelfguy: Profits would be boosted by some $2500 a week, permanently
Exovian: Very well. Let's accept the 18000.
Darkelfguy: Alright, voting for the proposal to make a trade route to Mori Edhel Edan and Kragenmoor for $18000
Exovian: Aye.
herbzah: Aye
Loki: Aye.
Darkelfguy: Alright, motion passes. Anything else before we end?
Exovian: Not from me.
herbzah: Nope
Loki: Yes, but this isn't exactly relevant to the current conversation.
Darkelfguy: Eh?
Loki: The hidden legendary treasures should remain a secret, but
Exovian: Whoa, back up. What is this about now?
Loki: It would certianly gain the Daily Guar some readers if you perhaps put some hint of sorts-
Loki: Within its pages?
Darkelfguy: I don't know what you mean Inky, I'm not aware of any legendary treasures
herbzah: Lol
Exovian: That may be outside the authority of the council.
Loki: Gold digger?
Loki: Greed?
herbzah: It's been fun guys always nice having some decent rp
Exovian: I believe it was Irn hiding them?
Exovian: You leaving, Herb?
Loki: Ah, I thuoght it was Dark, pardon me.
herbzah: Yeah I have been on the clock this whole time
Loki: I have nothing else to say.
Exovian: Well, good night, then, Herb.
Exovian: That seems to conclude the meeting.
Loki: Good night, Herb.
Darkelfguy: Alright, meeting adjourned
herbzah: I will probably hop on when I get home
Darkelfguy: See you all next month
Darkelfguy: Thanks for your time, everyone!

 Post subject: Hlaalu Council Meeting November 17th 2013
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The snide remarks in brackets were not needed in the article. We dont need his opinion emphasized in his article, just write the facts for the story and be done

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