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 Post subject: Hlaalu Council Voting Guide - December 15th
PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:47 pm 

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[This is the voting guide for the Hlaalu Council for the second Council meeting. Meant to be read by Councilors.]

Esteemed and benevolent Councilors of Great House Hlaalu! It is Mid Year of 3E 426, and your people look to you to lead them! Your decisions today will set the policies for all of House Hlaalu for the next month! You must decide the future and fate of our fair House, will you seek to line your own pockets, to profit our entire mighty House, or will you seek to secure our future in strength of military arms and diplomacy? It is all up to you!

Our first issue of the day is what policy shall we pursue for House Hlaalu for the next month? Should we focus on trade? Lining our pockets, and the pockets of House Hlaalu with gold? Or should we concern ourselves with diplomacy, making friends out of enemies and reaping the benefits of a long term strategy? Or should we focus on military might? House Hlaalu has never been a militaristic house, but there is strength in arms that mercantile skill simply doesn’t provide, and security is always good for trade in the long run. Previously, the Council choose to focus on diplomacy with House Telvanni, so continuing towards an alliance may be in the best interests of the House.

Here are the options before us:

The East Empire Company is looking to outsource a contract with the Imperial Legion to a third party, namely us. If we agree to take on the contract, we’d be charged with supplying various Imperial fortifications and troops with supplies. Such a contract would be heavily compensated for by the Empire, but the other Great Houses may look down on such a blatant show of strengthening Imperial positions in Morrowind.
Results of a Trade Policy:
+5% to Base Trade Profits
-3% Relations with House Dres
-1% Relations with House Telvanni
+1% Relations with House Redoran

House Telvanni: (Current Percentage: 26% - Allies at 100%)
The Telvanni are looking for investors for a new magical research project being worked on by a coalition of the House’s wizards. It is highly unusual for the isolationist Telvanni to work together on anything, much less seek outsider funds, so the project is doubtless of great importance to them. If we offer them this financial aid, we’d no doubt reap some of the knowledge they possess, and be one step closer towards an alliance.
Results of Diplomacy with Hosue Telvanni:
+3% Relations with House Telvanni
+5% Magical Skills and Knowledge
-6% to Base Trade Profits

House Redoran: (Current Percentage: 25% - Allies at 100%)
Great House Redoran has been seeking financial support for their campaign against the beasts leaking through the Ghost Fence at Red Mountain. Playing soldier it would seem costs quite the sum of gold, and House Redoran coffers have never been overflowing. If we provide them with some scraps of financial assistance, it’ll help us establish a friendly relationship that could become a diplomatic alliance later on.
Results of Diplomacy with House Redoran:
+1% Relations with House Redoran
-$1000 from every Councilor each week for three weeks

House Dres: (Current Percentage: 50% - Allies at 100%)
The Great House Dres is on good footing with us, but they are troubled by our relations with the Imperials. If we sever one of our contracts with the Empire, this will show House Dres that we respect their opinions of the Empire while costing us little in relations with the Imperials.
Results of Diplomacy with House Dres:
+1% Relations with House Dres
-1% to Base Trade Profits

House Indoril: (Current Percentage: 0% - Allies at 100%)
The sniveling priests of House Indoril are ever outraged at our profit-oriented goals. They demand that we be more pious and donate more of our money to the Tribunal Temple coffers. Of course they share in the profits of the Tribunal Temple, so this would be little better than a bribe, but a little money spent now may mean potential allies in the future.
Results of Diplomacy with House Indoril:
+1% Relations with House Indoril
-$2500 from each Councilor every week for four weeks

Guard Caption of House Hlaalu, Balam Rethrend, has requested that his sorry outfit of guards be equipped with medium Bonemold armor and long swords. He has also requested an additional ten personnel to patrol the House’s trade routes. This is likely to cost our coffers a pretty penny, but it may dissuade bandits in the future.
Results of a Military Policy:
-$1500 from each Councilor per week for four weeks
+1% to Military Strength

Normally, the last portion of the Council meeting would be reserved for trade route proposals and possible embargoes, but since there still aren’t any Hlaalu cities completed yet, we’ll open the floor to a variety of proposals from any individual Councilor. Trade routes can still be established with other non-Hlaalu cities, and these will increase House Hlaalu revenue overall, you can find the cost of these trade routes in your voting guide. Other potential proposals you can make include commodities trading and item price alterations, like the Narsis City Council. House Hlaalu trumps any local city Council, so a commodity proposal that passes the Hlaalu Council is given preference over that of the Narsis Council. You may begin deliberations and proposal suggestions. Once everyone has made the proposals they want, we’ll proceed with a floor vote.
This concludes tonight’s meeting, thank you for your time Councilors, and I hope to see you all at the next meeting one month from now! You’ll be getting a paycheck each week for your position on the Hlaalu Council shortly. A transcript of today’s meeting will be provided to the general public.

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