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 Post subject: Narsis City Council Meeting - November 23rd, 2013
PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:31 pm 

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[This is the transcript for the Council meeting of November 23rd, 2013.]

Councilor Role Call:
Councilor Capt of Pyne Hylls District - Present
Councilor Cheese of Deshaan District - Absent
Councilor Creeper of Under-Construction District - Present
Councilor Exovian of Hlaalu District - Present
Councilor Shadow_Hopper of Icarus District - Present
Councilor Spyro of New Sheoth District - Absent
Councilor Superfantastic of Oak Wood Lake District - Present
Councilor Yags of Cheydin District - Absent

CreeperInACan: Alright, here we go.
CreeperInACan: Welcome back Councilors, to the second meeting of the Narsis City Council!
Exovian: Help yourself to cake.
CreeperInACan: The affairs in the capital of Narsis are grave, as always, the people look for guidance and call upon you!
CreeperInACan: Before we start with proposals, let us first hear from our leader, Mayor Creeper, on how we should lead Narsis in the following week.
CreeperInACan: Well, that was a bit awkward of a copy and paste.
Exovian: You look so smug in that skull hat.
CreeperInACan: Anyways, all I have to say is these next few weeks may be crucial, especially with us 4.
CreeperInACan: The economy, as agreed by all of us, needs a bit of a re-balancing.
Shadow_Hopper: definitely
CreeperInACan: I believe that we 4 can, and will be key contributors to helping reform it into something we can all agree on, and help Resdayn return to better times.
Shadow_Hopper: umm Capt’s fishing xD
Exovian: Let him. The raffish informality appeals to me in my house.
CreeperInACan: I hope us 4 can proceed and change Resdayn for a greater good.
CreeperInACan: The first issue in tonight’s Council meeting is once again economic proposals.
Shadow_Hopper: claps
CreeperInACan: A maximum of five economic proposals will be considered when brought to the Council floor.
CreeperInACan: As a reminder, the Council can choose to raise or lower the price of an item in the city’s server shops by $0.05 or 25% where applicable
CreeperInACan: City revenue is increased by 2% for every $0.01 price increase,
CreeperInACan: And city revenue is decreased by 2% for every $0.01 price decrease.
CreeperInACan: We’ll now open the floor to economic proposals. Once all proposals have been made,
CreeperInACan: We’ll hold a vote to see which ones pass.
CreeperInACan: Does anybody have any proposals?
Shadow_Hopper: This is just spec and admin shop isn’t it?
CreeperInACan: Yes, just spec and admin shops.
Exovian: You have my first one, if you could distribute it?
CreeperInACan: Capt, do you have anything?
CreeperInACan: Mushroom blocks go under citizen, Exovian.
LoneStarr: No I'm good
CreeperInACan: Exovian?
Shadow_Hopper: Do you want me to get a book and quill so I can write down all the changes?
CreeperInACan: Sure, Shadow.
Exovian: Do they now, now that I am Councilor?
CreeperInACan: Yes, they do.
CreeperInACan: Shadow, any proposals?
Shadow_Hopper: Nope
Exovian: I have one.
CreeperInACan: Alright, I have 2 I can think of.
Exovian: Actually, no.
Exovian: Mine is best worked when I push issues with Hlaalu tomorrow.
CreeperInACan: Pistons, and stick pistons. I propose a 25% decrease on both products given they are priced at $25.
CreeperInACan: And Exovian, feel free to mention it at the end of the session, it may be useful.
Exovian: I will now. I propose a 25% increase in the buying and selling price of wheat, potatoes, and carrots.
CreeperInACan: Alright. On what reason?
Exovian: To help people grow a saleable crop. It's something.
Exovian: Especially new folks.
CreeperInACan: Fair enough.
Shadow_Hopper: Although just to mention 25% on sell price only takes price to $0.03
CreeperInACan: Yes, let us get a bit more specific.
CreeperInACan: You want to optimize the value they recieve for their crops?
Exovian: I do.
CreeperInACan: A hayblock sells for 0.95
Exovian: That's interesting.
Exovian: Should not wheat and then the other crops go up in price to match?
Shadow_Hopper: Wheat is not actually sold in the shops
CreeperInACan: Well, it would more worthwhile to increase each crop by 0.05, not %25.
CreeperInACan: Besides the hayblock, I am thinking.
Exovian: Then I alter my proposal to 0.05.
Exovian: Yes?
CreeperInACan: Okay. Proposal 1) Hayblock increased by 25%, to be bought for 0.37.
CreeperInACan: If you are for, say "Indeed".
CreeperInACan: Indeed.
Exovian: Indeed.
Shadow_Hopper: Yes :P
LoneStarr: Indeed
CreeperInACan: The vote passes. Add it to the book please, Shadow.
CreeperInACan: Speaking of which, where are you?
Shadow_Hopper: I'm here
CreeperInACan: The next proposal would be carrots to be bought for 0.07.
CreeperInACan: If you are for, say "Indeed".
Exovian: Indeed.
CreeperInACan: Indeed.
LoneStarr: Indeed
CreeperInACan: Vote passes. Add it to the book please.
Shadow_Hopper: Way ahead of ya :P
CreeperInACan: Proposal 3) Potatos will be bought for $0.07.
CreeperInACan: If you are for, say "Indeed".
Exovian: Indeed.
CreeperInACan: Indeed.
LoneStarr: Indeed
CreeperInACan: Vote passes, add it please.
CreeperInACan: I have proposal 4 and 5, if nobody else has any.
Exovian: Go ahead.
LoneStarr: Go for it
Shadow_Hopper: Go for it
CreeperInACan: Pistons, regular and sticky, are sold for $25, and $26, respectively.
CreeperInACan: The proposal would be to sell them for 25% cheaper, given Iron only costs $15, and the other
CreeperInACan: Materials less than $20 altogether.
CreeperInACan: This means a regular piston will sell for $20, and a sticky piston for 20.8
Shadow_Hopper: Can we just make it 21 to make it easier :P
CreeperInACan: Proposal 4) Regular pistons will be sold for 25% cheaper.
CreeperInACan: If you are for, say "Indeed".
Shadow_Hopper: Yes
Exovian: What is the price of redstone?
CreeperInACan: 0.10.
Exovian: Indeed.
CreeperInACan: Capt?
LoneStarr: Indeed
CreeperInACan: Vote passes.
Exovian: This is an easy session so far.
CreeperInACan: Proposal 5) Sticky pistons will be sold for 25% cheaper.
CreeperInACan: If you are for, say "Indeed".
Exovian: Indeed.
LoneStarr: Indeed
Shadow_Hopper: ^
CreeperInACan: Vote passes.
CreeperInACan: And like I said, us 4 are very similar exceptional individuals, we have similar motives.
CreeperInACan: I'd guessed we'd agree on most things.
CreeperInACan: This is a great factor in my trust we would be a great council and team.
Shadow_Hopper: Plus this being quick means I get more sleep :P
CreeperInACan: Anyways, that was all the proposals. Shadow, are they added?
Shadow_Hopper: Yep
CreeperInACan: As some of you might recall, last week the Council had to decide on what to do about the Telvanni attack on the Mage’s Guild.
CreeperInACan: Ultimately, our Grandmaster Exovian was hired for the job of clearing
CreeperInACan: Out the Mage’s Guild, but since then the Hlaalu Council has chosen to ignore
CreeperInACan: Telvanni aggression and pursue diplomacy with our enemies.
CreeperInACan: Therefore, the search to discover the Telvanni agents responsible will have to go unattended this week, to preserve diplomacy with that House.
CreeperInACan: Instead, we turn our attention to another matter concerning the city.
CreeperInACan: The Grand Bazaar in Market District has hardly ever been safe, but a recent infestation of spiders has made the building even more dangerous than usual.
CreeperInACan: This is merely a job for an exterminator, the Council may choose to pay $400 to whoever might be willing to face a spider onslaught, or simply ignore the infestation.
Exovian: If I may make a statement before moving on to citizen proposals, after this vote?
CreeperInACan: Yes, of course.
Exovian: Anyway, extermination sounds great. All for?
Shadow_Hopper: I'm with extermination but whom do we hire
CreeperInACan: My only issue is the bazaar has never been used.
CreeperInACan: It's empty like the rest of market.
Exovian: Clearing it might give a motivation to Dark to renovate and use it.
CreeperInACan: I will say for.
Shadow_Hopper: Mayhaps but maybe that is because of the infestations
CreeperInACan: Capt?
CreeperInACan: Any input?
CreeperInACan: (the vote has passed, but we'd like to hear).
LoneStarr: How long has it been infested, recent?
CreeperInACan: Recent.
LoneStarr: Pay to clear it
CreeperInACan: There is a bit more on the matter to discuss.
Exovian: Who to pay?
CreeperInACan: Do we select someone to do it, or put it as a general job?
Shadow_Hopper: I would say a general job
LoneStarr: Well for only 400 I would post it up as a general calling
Exovian: I would happiliy be assigned, but let's give others a chance.
CreeperInACan: I agree with the others, it seems pretty general to me.
CreeperInACan: However, someone should keep an eye out for any leftover notes.
CreeperInACan: Seems like a cliché trend to come.
Shadow_Hopper: Should I put in the book for dark to put an advertisement in the daily guar?
Exovian: I can go in and look for notes, if that is desired.
CreeperInACan: Yes, seems like a good idea.
CreeperInACan: Whoever is online can just make sure to find the note after it has been quarantined.
Exovian: Ok.
CreeperInACan: There might not be one at all, but who knows.
CreeperInACan: As long as we don't miss it if there is indeed one.
CreeperInACan: To follow, Exovian had a statement to make before the next segment.
Exovian: Yes. Regarding the Mages Guild Attack
Exovian: Ack.
Shadow_Hopper: Do to turn it on all the time
CreeperInACan: Exovian, if you do without typing anything, you will toggle into party chat.
CreeperInACan: Yes, what would you like to share?
Exovian: The Hlaalu Council did *not* vote to ignore the attack. It did not come up, and in fact
Exovian: It seems highly unusual to me.
Exovian: Even if we are trying to ally with them...
Exovian: They should have no expectation of getting away with that unnoticed.
Shadow_Hopper: With dark not here I feel this is something we shouldn't get in to
CreeperInACan: I'd argue, Shadow, it is a good point to bring up.
Exovian: I vote to request that we ask that the case be reopened
CreeperInACan: And what? Prosecute?
Exovian: If you agree, I can bring up your consensus tomorrow.
Exovian: Investigate and punish who did.
LoneStarr: That sounds fair, if Exo says the topic didn't come up
CreeperInACan: Exovian, I thought meetings were monthly, not weekly.
Exovian: If that is the case, we can always ask Dark directly. I haven't checked,
Exovian: You're right.
CreeperInACan: Anyways, it is a good point to bring up, that needs discussion.
CreeperInACan: You say it was disregarded, and we followed diplomatic action while you feel they were let
CreeperInACan: "off the hook"?
CreeperInACan: For the attack?
Exovian: Yes.
Exovian: Diplomacy is not complacency.
Exovian: Whoever is responsible knows the risks they face.
CreeperInACan: Keeping in mind Narsis forces are regarded to be uttertly rubbish.
CreeperInACan: Also keeping in mind that you yourself, Exovian, have a bit more investigating to do this following week
Exovian: I cleared the Guild. With the council’s permission, I can pursue this myself, or recruit help.
Exovian: ANd why is that?
CreeperInACan: Exovian, did the note mention a meeting place?
Exovian: Yes.
Exovian: I have been unable to follow up on that.
CreeperInACan: Why?
CreeperInACan: I understand the issue now.
Shadow_Hopper: Can we please keep in mind its 3 in the morning for me and I haven’t slept :P
CreeperInACan: Yes, Shadow.
Exovian: Would you like to be excused?
CreeperInACan: You are not forced to stay, but keep in mind your pay will be excluded and you may be excused
CreeperInACan: From important proposals and information.
Shadow_Hopper: Hence why I stayed on till 2:30
Exovian: He has been present and helpful. I vote to give him his pay today if he must leave.
CreeperInACan: Eh, yes, he can receive pay. The point was rather the second, in fairness.
CreeperInACan: I understand sleep is important. Shadow, you are excused if you wish, of course.
Shadow_Hopper: I want to see this out it was more a notion to hurry up :P
CreeperInACan: I agree with Shadow, any who.
Exovian: Hey, it's not like the Hlaalu meeting that took 3 hours.
CreeperInACan: The point Exovian is making is diplomacy meant he could not follow up on the meeting at the shrine.
CreeperInACan: Arguably there is still time, and we should reopen the case immediately.
CreeperInACan: IF the council chose it was worthwhile to further investigate the case.
Exovian: Shadow, please refrain from firing weapons in the Palace.
CreeperInACan: Do you feel the attack should be left, again, or Exovian and one or two others should visit the shrine.
CreeperInACan: As to further evaluate the attack.
CreeperInACan: Shadow, and Capt.
Exovian: Consider my vote known.
LoneStarr: Evaluation sounds good
CreeperInACan: Shadow?
Shadow_Hopper: Sure, whatever
CreeperInACan: Well, my vote is to re-open the case.
Exovian: Ok then. Guess we pass that on to Dark.
Shadow_Hopper: Ok what do you want me to write down?
CreeperInACan: Exovian, I'd suggest picking 1-2 people to go with you. If you want to run that by me later.
Exovian: Of course.
CreeperInACan: Alright, let's get the rest of this done.
CreeperInACan: Moving on, we now present citizen proposals to the Council. A maximum of five citizen proposals can
Shadow_Hopper: What am I writing down for the last one?
CreeperInACan: Considered by the council.
CreeperInACan: One moment, Shadow... It will be...
CreeperInACan: "Regarding the actions of following diplomacy against Telvanni hostility, the case has been reopened
CreeperInACan: As to investigate the shrine of which the note Exovian discovered and further evaluate the situation and make proper precautions".
CreeperInACan: Exovian, you can probably reword this better, if you need to.
Exovian: Ok.
Exovian: Shall I do that now?
Shadow_Hopper: Ok I seem to have got the main points of that down
Exovian: Excellent.
CreeperInACan: Alright, super will be joining.
CreeperInACan: Moving on.
Superfantastic: Hey everyone
CreeperInACan: Welcome, Super.
Exovian: Welcome.
LoneStarr: Hi Super
CreeperInACan: Moving on, we now present citizen proposals to the Council. A maximum of five citizen proposals can
CreeperInACan: Considered by the Council.
CreeperInACan: We have only one.
Exovian: Super, you going to tp over?
Superfantastic: I’m here
Exovian: Ok.
CreeperInACan: He's here, just a wee bit of lag.
CreeperInACan: The mushroom blocks proposal, as posed by Exovian.
Exovian: Got it.
Shadow_Hopper: Creeps would our spawner proposal come under this?
CreeperInACan: In a bit, Shadow.
CreeperInACan: After.
CreeperInACan: Alright, so there are a few key things to note about mushroom blocks.
CreeperInACan: Exovian, do these block id's include stems?
Exovian: Yes.
CreeperInACan: Stems can actually not be silk touched.
Exovian: That is incorrect.
CreeperInACan: Only moved by pistons.
CreeperInACan: Is that so?
CreeperInACan: Ha ha, excuse me, then.
Exovian: A stem, may it please the council.
Shadow_Hopper: XD
CreeperInACan: Ha ha!
CreeperInACan: Anyways, regardless,
CreeperInACan: A red mushroom sells for 0.15
CreeperInACan: A bone sells for 0.10.
CreeperInACan: Silktouch can be fairly difficult to come by.
Exovian: Indeed.
Exovian: Royal pain.
Shadow_Hopper: Mycelium sells for 0.85 as well
Exovian: Mycelium should be irrelevant.
CreeperInACan: I'm recommending somewhere around 0.80.
CreeperInACan: Mycellium isn't required to grow mushrooms.
Shadow_Hopper: I thought it was
CreeperInACan: No, it's just easier on mycellium.
Exovian: It's not. Just makes it much easier.
CreeperInACan: 0.80 for each block. Now accepting arguments.
CreeperInACan: And counter proposals.
Exovian: That seems fair.
Superfantastic: .80 seems fair
LoneStarr: How many different blocks are there?
Exovian: 13.
Exovian: Http:// ... d_mushroom
Exovian: A list.
LoneStarr: Wow that is a lot.
LoneStarr: .80 sounds ok to me
Exovian: They're very particular to work with.
CreeperInACan: Do we have a certain shop that would be good to hold it? Argueably the spec shop isn't the best.
CreeperInACan: I was thinking the mages guild, but that is more potions and enchantments.
Shadow_Hopper: One thing to bear in mind is if shop will recognize all the data values
Exovian: It works the same way as wool.
CreeperInACan: Do we have some sort of herbalist shop?
Exovian: I don't know.
CreeperInACan: Well, irrelevant, the notion passes.
CreeperInACan: All 13 types of mushroom blocks will be added, each selling at 0.80.
Exovian: Yay!
Superfantastic: I had a question regarding the mushroom blocks
CreeperInACan: Yes, super?
Exovian: Ok?
Superfantastic: Do they change shape at all when you place them? Like logs?
Exovian: No.
Superfantastic: Okay, just curious
CreeperInACan: Anyways, that is all the citizen proposals
Exovian: Shall I remove the stem?
CreeperInACan: Finally, for the last set of issues before the Council, we turn to possible district policies and annexation
Shadow_Hopper: Please
CreeperInACan: The Council can choose to enact certain district policies, such as new
CreeperInACan: Requirements for future districts, the length of time given for district completion,
CreeperInACan: And new building standards.
Shadow_Hopper: More, there’s going to be more districts than players at this rate
CreeperInACan: Currently, district contractors are given two months to complete a given district.
CreeperInACan: At this time, there is no additional territory to annex into the city, so the Council only has to re
CreeperInACan: Review district standards.
CreeperInACan: The Council may now bring forward proposals for district policies.
CreeperInACan: I have none.
Shadow_Hopper: I think they are fine after what was set last meeting
Exovian: I would like to propose a permanent ban on annexation until all space has been built up.
Exovian: The city is already huge.
CreeperInACan: Heh!
CreeperInACan: We'll never find treasure.
CreeperInACan: I'd say no ban, but I am opposed to any annexation until we actually need more land.
Shadow_Hopper: ^^^
CreeperInACan: Super, Capt, anything?
LoneStarr: I agree with you Creeper
Superfantastic: Well, I don't think it matters either way at this point
CreeperInACan: Alright, good. Now, we just have one more thing to address, I think.
Exovian: Wait, please.
Exovian: I have one other proposal.
CreeperInACan: Yes?
CreeperInACan: Good, good, speak up.
Exovian: All new development should be required to have signs on all intersections pointing
Exovian: To all bordering districts and major buildings.
CreeperInACan: All districts already do was my understanding.
CreeperInACan: Any particular examples?
Exovian: Perhaps.
Shadow_Hopper: Are we going on a treasure hunt xD
CreeperInACan: I might crash.
CreeperInACan: If so, give me a moment to return.
Exovian: If the council would temporarily step out the front door and go to the left.
Exovian: Mind the hole that I did not put there.
Shadow_Hopper: The sewers
Exovian: Take here.
CreeperInACan: Ignore it, Irnot can't be bothered to seal it apparently.
Shadow_Hopper: Lol
CreeperInACan: What is the issue? It is still Hlaalu on each intersection?
Exovian: No signs to anywhere, despite the proximity of two important buildings.
CreeperInACan: Oh, I see your issue.
CreeperInACan: You mean that there is no sign to point out the important buildings.
CreeperInACan: Like the other district.
CreeperInACan: I'll agree that is a fair proposal.
Shadow_Hopper: Yeah there’s not a lot of signs in hlaalu
Superfantastic: I could never find my way to the player district. Not sure if that counts
Exovian: Ok, field trip over. Back to the meeting room.
Shadow_Hopper: Eat some cake :P
Exovian: All for the proposal?
CreeperInACan: Okay, I gave you each a book named spawners.
CreeperInACan: Please read it.
Shadow_Hopper: Do I need to as I helped write it :P
CreeperInACan: Might be nice to refresh yourself.
Exovian: Creeper, did we vote on the signage proposal?
CreeperInACan: We never did officially, but at least three of us, including myself said we agree.
CreeperInACan: That would be a passing vote.
Superfantastic: I agree
Exovian: Ok.
LoneStarr: Yep I agree
CreeperInACan: This is my first time as mayor, I'm bound to make a mistake or two, I apologize. XD
CreeperInACan: When you have read the book in full, say "Indeed".
Superfantastic: deeding
Shadow_Hopper: Done
Exovian: Indeed.
LoneStarr: Indeed
CreeperInACan: Alright. Everybody understood?
Shadow_Hopper: Yes
CreeperInACan: Any questions about regular spawners v.s special?
CreeperInACan: Or cost plans?
CreeperInACan: Before I go in any further I'd like to make sure we all understand.
Exovian: No, but I would like to propose a modification.
CreeperInACan: Then Shadow may sleep.
CreeperInACan: Yes, just one moment Exovian.
Shadow_Hopper: Yay :)
CreeperInACan: Super, and Capt, any questions?
LoneStarr: No questions
Superfantastic: No questions
CreeperInACan: Brilliant.
CreeperInACan: Before you begin, Exovian.
CreeperInACan: I'd just like to say the hope of this proposal is to eventually help recover the gold economy,
CreeperInACan: But also start getting the ball rolling as to other major economy changes.
CreeperInACan: Exovian, your proposal.
Exovian: Extend the 32-block restriction to all spawners, even of the same type.
LoneStarr: That seems a little excessive, what is the radius of a spawner?
Shadow_Hopper: If that happened there would be no point in having the same type spawners
CreeperInACan: ^
CreeperInACan: The point was to avoid spawner merging.
Shadow_Hopper: 16block radius to be active I think
CreeperInACan: Yes, 32 blocks away means neither two can be active at the same time.
Exovian: My argument is that mass single type spawners do more economic damage than combined spawners.
CreeperInACan: Examples?
Shadow_Hopper: But as the only mass ones you can get are the default ones and there drops sell for bugger all
Exovian: Exactly. If we are ever to change that, we need to remove massed spawners.
CreeperInACan: Hrmm... I only slightly agree.
Superfantastic: i agree with Exovian
CreeperInACan: We could lower the limit of merged spawners from 5 to 2, let's say.
Exovian: How will it look to reform farming if some products are still available from mass zombie farms.
Exovian: ?
Exovian: Like potatoes.
Exovian: Ok.
CreeperInACan: Actually, hrmm...
CreeperInACan: Let me say this.
Shadow_Hopper: But they only have a 2% chance of dropping anyway
CreeperInACan: For the special spawners, given their price, they should be able to merge.
CreeperInACan: Regular spawners cannot.
Exovian: That runs the risk of making your gold reforms harder.
Shadow_Hopper: I feel that 3 should be able to merge but any lower would just be pointless
CreeperInACan: True, Exovian, but
Shadow_Hopper: Exo with only 2 available for 25k each not many people will be able to afford let alone make aload
CreeperInACan: The only real special spawner is pigmen, and there is no change of someone buying more than one othe
Shadow_Hopper: Of money out of
CreeperInACan: Otherwise.
Exovian: I see your point.
CreeperInACan: I'll agree with regular spawners.
Exovian: I am willing to go with Creeper's conditions.
CreeperInACan: That imposes the point of diverse amounts of spawners.
CreeperInACan: Instead of trying to monopolize a certain type.
Shadow_Hopper: I think 3 reg spawners should be able to overlap as otherwise there is no point
Exovian: I think not.
Superfantastic: I thought the idea of limiting spawners was so that we can't "make a load of money"
CreeperInACan: I'd argue Shadow, we don't want to allow monopolizing a market.
Exovian: My skeleton grinder with one spawner produces all that one could need.
Exovian: More than that just helps corner a market.
CreeperInACan: Of course, might be better to do that if you're online.
Exovian: He can see private chat.
CreeperInACan: Anyways, who is for the conditions we have come up with?
Exovian: I.
CreeperInACan: (I will type the final proposal)
CreeperInACan: I.
LoneStarr: Sounds good
Superfantastic: I?
CreeperInACan: Alright. I will issue you all the final copy tomorrow.
Exovian: Ok.
CreeperInACan: Myself, Exovian, and shadow will ensure it is done properly.
CreeperInACan: This concludes today’s meeting. We’ll be meeting again at the same time next Saturday.
CreeperInACan: Thank you for your time Councilors, you’ll find your paychecks in the mail!
CreeperInACan: A transcript of today’s meeting will be provided to the general public.

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